Creativity that transforms people and places

We are a creative team of cultural strategists transforming places, communities and people.  We deliver projects from Lincoln to London, the USA and the Middle East.

City of London’s Culture Mile

A new home for contemporary culture in the ancient heart of London’s working capital.

Museums and Country Houses

Britain’s country houses and museums play a vital role.  We work with them to ensure they are valued. They’re role in preserving collections, attracting tourism, providing employment and managing our environment is crucial.

Ideas borrow, blend, subvert, develop and bounce off other ideas

Mansions of the Future, Lincoln

A 3-year programme of artist commissions exploring power and democracy.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The transformation of an iconic brand and building.

Spotting the right idea is as important as having it

Thurrock: A Visionary Brief for the Thames Gateway

Bringing creative industries and
culture together to shape perceptions and deliver new cultural infrastructure.


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