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Circle One

We want Newark to be a place in which the creativity is valued and given the chance to flourish. A place where everyone has access to a remarkable range of creative experiences. This year we have begun to attract local artists and creatives who share our vision and various partners such as Newark College, Newark and Sherwood District Council to join and support us.

We aim to work with the people and communities who are the most overlooked and least engaged. 17a Friary Road will become a place for people and communities to gather and openly discuss the issues affecting them. Through our work, a single person or an entire local community could become an active participant in creative activity.

Our type of work goes by many names including cultural regeneration; for us it’s most meaningfully described as socially engaged practice. What unites us as creatives is our ambition to work with people to create meaningful societal change in innovative ways.

In this increasingly uncertain world, artists and creatives working in social engaged practice share tools with people and communities that enable them to better understand the world their place in it, examine it, and perhaps change it.

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